Renaissance of Light Quality: SSL Industry Swaps Focus from Efficiency to Architecture

Virtual Event, September 29-30, 2020

A Special Online Learning Event from LEDs Magazine

What You’ll Learn By Attending

  • The Inspiration that Drives the SSL Design Community
  • An Understanding of the Latest Advancements in LED and OLED Sources
  • How to Drive SSL Light Engines with Minimal Flicker and Maximum Uniformity
  • Strategies Behind Advanced Luminaire Design and Deployment
  • How Light Quality is Intertwined with Lighting for Health and Wellbeing
  • How the LED and SSL Sectors can More Efficiently Move Forward with More Creativity

Turn back time a decade and the lighting market was desperate for an understanding of how to deal with this new-fangled light source called an LED to reap the benefits of improved energy efficiency. Today it’s time to repeat the educational solid-state lighting (SSL) experience with a focus beyond just delivering functional lighting. The next phase of business opportunity in lighting will depend on delivery of optimum light quality in every application.

Our virtual event will convey the latest thought leadership on how to optimally develop and deploy SSL in a manner that optimizes the experience of people in a space. Thus far the LEDification of lighting systems has indeed been about efficiency, but going forward, SSL must evolve in functionality, performance, and innovative form. The industry needs true innovation in both product development and specification to reenergize the sector from a business perspective and ultimately to allow businesses and institutions that install new lighting to realize productivity and wellness gains among their employee base.

Join us from the comfort of your office, or likely your home office, for this first-of-its-kind event. You will walk away from the event better prepared to reach your own potential, help your companies reignite growth, and better serve a society that increasingly spends a larger percentage of its time under artificial lighting.


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